Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery

Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR)

Enforcement Group deals with many landlords and managing agents across England and Wales in regards to the recovery of overdue rent from non-paying tenants. In the UK rent arrears costs the commercial property sector millions of pounds each year, and in today’s economic climate it is even more essential to act immediately to prevent tenants absconding, damage occurring and further rent arrears arising.

The Tribunals Court and Enforcement Act 2007 introduced CRAR (commercial rent arrears recovery) which allows commercial landlords to recover unpaid rent without the need to go to court.

CRAR is only effective where there is a written lease in place and can only be used to recover rent arrears. Any unpaid service charges or insurance payments, even if included in the lease cannot be recovered without going to court.

Our enforcement agents offer a free and speedy way to recover outstanding rent as our costs are recovered from the tenant.

We start the process by sending your tenant a Notice of Enforcement giving them seven days to pay the outstanding rent and costs.

Upon expiry of the notice, if the rent remains unpaid, our enforcement agents will visit the premises to recover the rent in full, or when this is not an option, they will seize goods belonging to the tenant.

The final stage of CRAR is the removal and sale stage. Where the tenant has still not paid the rent, we will look to remove and sell the goods at public auction to recover the rent arrears.

This method of enforcement is most effective when the tenant has sufficient goods to seize and sell if required.

Contact us to find out more about how we can manage CRAR on your behalf, from serving the notice through to enforcement, seizure and sale.

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