Debt Collection

B2B Debt Collection

We offer a no recovery no fee, business to business debt collection service. We use our own proven methods of collecting our client’s debts quickly and professionally. Our experienced staff will deal with all aspects of the debt collection process from sending letters to the respondent, demanding payment, visiting a respondent to collect payment, telephone calls to the respondent or setting up and managing re-payment plans. Whatever your needs, we guarantee to fulfil them and help you gain back money that is rightfully yours.

What fees do you charge?

Our no recovery, no fee guarantee means if we don’t successfully recover your money we don’t charge any fees. No fees are payable in advance, such as admin fees or service charges, unlike our competitors. However, should you wish for us to proceed with further action such as to commence a money claim or enforcement service then clients will be responsible for any such fees that may arise. All clients will be made fully aware of any fees that may become payable before the commencement of any service.

Where letter and telephone-based methods fail, we can assist with commencing legal action to gain a judgment and should the respondent still fail to pay we can enforce the judgment using our High Court Enforcement service.

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