Post Eviction Security

Post Eviction Security

For some of our clients, the eviction process is not the end of the matter.

Enforcement Group can help with securing property and land following the successful removal of tenants and trespassers. Securing the site correctly is highly advised to prevent re-entry to the property by tenants wanting to collect their belongings or trespassers who may be hiding inside. Vacant property may also be targeted for criminal activity, criminal damage or further occupation by squatters.

Some security measures we would recommend include:

  • CCTV, alarm installation & motion detector lighting
  • Manned security guards
  • Patrolled security services
  • Keeping the building occupied by short-term tenant’s or property guardians (people who occupy the premises on a short-term contract for little or no rent on the basis that they protect the property from squatters and vandals
  • High fences, gates, window bars and barbed wire
  • Concrete barriers and bollards

Pre-Eviction Planning

Planning ahead of the eviction is key to ensure the eviction is carried out successfully without delay or error. Upon receiving instructions, we will undertake a risk assessment to put together a suitable approach plan for the eviction. We also inform the local police of our intentions and communicate with them where required. Where requested we will also arrange attendance of a locksmith to ensure access points are promptly secured. On the date of the eviction, we will attend and complete the eviction by removal of the occupants, securing of the site and handing possession back to the landlord.

Our Security Services

We work in partnership with MSS security to offer our clients professional and reliable services at the most competitive rate.

MSS Security has been accredited by the SSAIB and has SIA Approved Contractor status, meaning that both the business and management team have been Police vetted and their ability to run a professional security business is audited extensively.

Security Guards

We can prevent incidents of vandalism, violence towards staff, theft of property and trespass with the use of security guarding and mobile patrol. We are flexible in our timescales, quantity and duration to ensure we offer a service that is specific to your requirements.

Alarms & CCTV

Upon request, we can also supply and install high-quality alarm systems and CCTV. We can offer a permanent installation or temporarily using our hire option.

Site Clearance

We offer comprehensive site clearance services to reduce hazards and damage in order to restore your land or property back to its rightful use quickly. Our highly trained teams clear anything from a vacant flat or office to closed pubs and land.

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