High Court Enforcement

High Court Enforcement Overview

Enforcement Group has a network of High Court Enforcement Officers throughout England and Wales providing enforcement and recovery services.

Our High Court Enforcement Officers act for landlords, solicitors, businesses and individuals offering a variety of cost-effective and personalised services.

Whether you need to enforce a money judgment, evict tenants or trespassers or recover assets, our experienced and knowledgeable team will quickly take control to recover what is owed.

Why choose High Court Enforcement?

  • High Court Enforcement Officers have greater powers than County Court Bailiffs when carrying out enforcement resulting in quicker and cost-effective outcomes.
  • We manage the transfer up (if necessary) process of your money judgment, order or award to the High Court free of charge.

  • Our dedicated High Court Enforcement team are on hand to offer updates and guidance at every stage.

Next Step…

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