Step 2 – Possession Claim

Property & Land Possession Service

Following service of a notice seeking possession, if your tenant does not leave the property or fails to pay the arrears, you will need to make a claim for possession in the local County Court.  There are two types of claim for possession, standard possession and accelerated possession.

Enforcement Group can take control and prepare, submit then manage the possession claim for you.

Accelerated Possession Claim

Once a section 21 notice has been served, landlords normally start legal proceedings using the accelerated possession procedure. Although this is intended to be the quickest way to regain possession of property, it cannot be used to claim rent arrears.

Standard Possession Claim

The standard possession procedure is used by landlords following service of a section 8 notice, as it can be used to claim possession of property as well as claim for any rent arrears.

Possession Order

Where a claim for possession is successful, the Court will grant an order for possession, which orders the tenant to give up possession of the property plus pay costs and arrears (if applicable) to you by a specific date, which is usually 14 days from the date the order was granted.

Our experience and knowledge in landlord and tenant law have helped landlords through a whole range of eviction scenarios.

To discuss which claim is most suitable for your situation or to find out more about how we can help please call our team who are happy to help.

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