Process Serving

Need To Serve A Document?

We as a company understand the importance of serving legal documents on time, in accordance with CPR Rules, and reporting in the correct form and timely manner. All our process serving is carried out by experienced and efficient professionals. We have built a robust and reliable network of operatives that are available across the UK & worldwide.

The role of the process server requires appropriate training, good knowledge, tact and discretion as well as determination and tenacity. Confidentiality is crucial. Our process servers are second to none, and our services are very reasonably priced.

Enforcement Group serves many types of documents including:

  • Statutory Demands
  • Bankruptcy and Winding-up Petitions
  • Witness Summons
  • Order to attend Court and Suspended Committal Orders
  • Divorce Papers
  • Family and Children Proceedings
  • Non-Molestation Orders / Prohibited Steps Orders – Injunctions
  • Claim Forms
  • Summons and Writs

Types of service

Standard Service – Our standard service is completed within five working days and includes up to three visits plus an evening visit. A full statement of service is provided within 48 hours of service.

Next Day – If you are working to a deadline our next day service provides for service of documents to be completed the next day (on instructions received before 2 pm). This service Includes three visits including an evening visit and a full statement of service provided within 24 hours of service.

For urgent matters, we can collect papers from the Court or your premises and our affidavits or statements can be handed to your local agent or filed at Court. Please contact us to discuss this.

All our work is carried out according to your specific instructions and on a fixed fee basis.

What you need to do:

Check the process server has sufficient time for service – if you are working on a deadline, please contact us so we can work to your requirements.

Check the name of the person being served is correct – if it is incorrect, you must take it back to the Court and ask them to amend it. Only a Court Officer can make the amendment – doing it yourself may invalidate the document. Failing to amend it can result in the service being invalid as the person served can argue they are not the person named on the document.

Check the service address is complete – although an incorrect or incomplete address does not invalidate your document, it can cause a delay when it comes to serving your document.

Check whether you can provide any other useful information – by including any of the following information we can ensure our process servers attend at the right times and speak with the right people:

  • Times when the subject is likely to be home
  • Work address
  • Vehicle details
  • Physical description or photo
  • Age or date of birth

Checking all of the above will help with the prompt service of your documents to the correct party.

Next Step…

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