Property Inspection

Property Inspection

Whether you are a private landlord, a lettings agent or a local council, our professional and thorough property inspection is carried out in the interest of both the landlord and tenant to ensure your property is being well maintained while addressing any problems or repairs.

We have found that carrying out property inspections at check-in, mid tenancy and check out reduces the landlord’s exposure to loss and the need for Court action.

All of our property inspections services include:


Completion of inspection form detailing the condition of the property both internally and externally along with any repairs or damage to the property that need to be addressed.


Detailed photos are taken and stored with every inspection.

Video Footage

Where requested or deemed necessary we have the ability to video footage of an inspection recorded in high definition and stored on our secure cloud servers.


Once inspections are completed, we will report back to you with our findings, listing how the tenant is using the property, if there are any breaches in the tenancy and if there are any maintenance issues that need attention.

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