Residential Possession

Residential Possession

Our dedicated residential property team works closely with landlords, solicitors and managing agents, to provide a full range of property services that address your specific requirements and disputes.

Step 1 - Serving Notice

If your tenant is in rent arrears, in breach of their agreement or you want vacant possession of your property, serving your tenant with a notice seeking possession is the first step in getting your property back. The notice includes an expiry date and in most cases is enough to get your tenant to take action and either pay the arrears or leave the property.

Step 2 - Possession Claim

Issuing a claim for possession in the County Court is the only way to legally evict a residential tenant following the service of a notice seeking possession.

Step 3 - Eviction

Where your tenant fails to vacate the property voluntarily, you will need to take steps to enforce your possession order and evict your tenant using either the County Court Bailiffs or High Court Enforcement Officers.

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