Squatter Eviction

Squatter Eviction Service

Squatters, also referred to as trespassers are people who have no legal right to be in your property yet have occupied a property, whether it be a house, flat or business premises while it was empty, unoccupied and unsecured.

It is a criminal offence to trespass in residential property, and you may ask the police to remove the squatters; however, we have found that the police may not always assist in removing them. In this instance, you will need to follow one of the below Court procedures.

Claim for Possession

To obtain a possession order, you will need to make a claim for possession against persons unknown in the County Court. Trespasser claims are normally listed for hearing relatively quickly, often within a few weeks, however, this will depend on the workload of the Court.

At the hearing, the Court will decide whether to grant a possession order or adjourn the claim for a second hearing to allow evidence to be filed.

Interim Possession Order

An alternative approach is to obtain an interim possession order (IPO). An IPO requires the squatters to leave the property within 24 hours of service of the order.

You can apply for an interim possession order if:

  • You find that squatters are occupying without your consent, a building, a part of a building that is a self-contained room or flat within it, or the land next to a building. It does not cover open land.
  • You have an immediate right to possession of the premises being occupied (and have had this right for the whole of the time the premises have been occupied illegally).
  • It has been 28 days or less since you found out your premises was being occupied without your consent.

An interim possession order is not a final order giving you possession of the premises. You must, therefore, also make an application for possession when you apply for an interim possession order. A final order for possession will normally be made at a hearing shortly after the interim possession order has been made.


Where following a possession order being granted squatters remain to occupy your property we can act quickly and efficiently to remove them and return the property back to you.

As High Court Enforcement Officers, we act under a writ of possession. Enforcement Group can transfer your order to the High Court for enforcement and obtain the writ of possession free of charge, all you pay is the fixed Court fee of £66.

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