Debtor / Tenant Tracing

Debtor / Tenant Tracing

Do you have an ex-tenant who has left owing you money for rent or damage? Our fast, effective and compliant tracing service is used by both residential and commercial landlords looking to locate absconded tenants.

All tracing services come with our “No Trace, No Fee” guarantee!

Residential Tenants

Using last known addresses, full name(s) and date of birth of your tenant we can search data sources such as the electoral roll, land registry, marriage records, companies house and credit agencies to trace them to their new address.

Commercial Tenants

It is harder for a limited company to disappear. We can make checks with Companies House and The Insolvency Service, as well as at the registered office address. We can also search for company director and sole trader details by date of birth and phone number.

Trace Successful, What Next?

Having located your debtor’s current whereabouts, there are a number of legal routes available to you to recover what is owed.

Whether you are looking to enforce a money judgment you have previously been awarded, or you are looking to initiate a money claim, our staff can advise on the best approach for your situation.

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