Transfer Up

High Court Enforcement Transfer Up Service

The transfer up process is where you transfer your County Court judgment to the High Court for enforcement purposes.

Our clients have found that transferring up their judgment to the High Court offers the best chance of recovery.

Not only do HCEOs have more powers than County Court Bailiffs, the enforcement process is a lot quicker and has a higher collection rate as we are paid upon successful enforcement.

If you have a judgment between £600 and £5,000 (including Court costs) that is less than 6 years old, then you have the option to use the transfer up service.

The transfer up service is provided free of charge; however, the Court will charge a fee of £66 per writ sealed which is recoverable from the defendant on successful execution.

If you have any other type of judgment or order, then please contact us to discuss your options.

For more information on the transfer up service, please see our transfer up guide.

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