Traveller Eviction

Fast and Effective Traveller Eviction Service

If you discover travellers occupying your land without permission, under common law, the landowner has the legal right to remove them.

The common law process allows the travellers to be removed at speed without the need for lengthy and stressful Court proceedings.

Our Enforcement Agents will attend the site and serve an eviction notice giving the illegal occupants a maximum of 24 hours to vacate the land. Notices will also be affixed at the entrance and exit to the site. If the travellers do not leave the site, we will arrange for our eviction team to attend and remove any remaining occupants and their possessions with sufficient resources and equipment.

The local police will be notified of the eviction and where necessary their presence will be requested to prevent a breach of the peace.

Ahead of the eviction we can advise and assist in arranging sufficient security measures to secure the site and prevent reoccupation from the travellers. Installing fencing around the open land, installing high restrictions or placing heavy bollards around the entrances are measures frequently used to achieve this.

The main advantage of common law eviction is the speed in which evictions can be carried out – often as little as 24hrs. The speed of the response can help to lessen the amount of damage caused to land and buildings, as well as reduce the opportunity for theft from premises. Acting fast to remove illegal occupiers can also help to reduce fly-tipping and general waste left behind thus reducing potentially expensive clear up costs.

Eviction / Enforcement of an order for possession

If you have an order for possession, then the most effective way to have the order enforced is to use the services of a High Court Enforcement Officer using a writ of possession. If you need assistance obtaining a possession order, please visit our possession proceedings page.

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