Trespasser Eviction

Fast and Effective Trespasser Eviction Service

Whether dealing with activists, fly traders or equine, having trespassers occupying commercial property or land can be very stressful if not costly, especially when having to make good the damage caused to re-let and re-use the premises or land for its rightful and intended use.

We can solve the challenges presented by helping landlords enforce possession orders and invoke their common law rights in order to return the land or property to the rightful owner.

Activist & Protester Removal

Activists can be problematic and costly to landowners, landlords and local authorities, which is why we offer a simple and efficient eviction service to recover property and land.

Examples of sites that have been occupied by activists or protestors are fracking sites, runways and bypasses, demolition of buildings and occupation of office blocks due to be refurbished.

If you discover activists or protestors occupying your site it is not uncommon for some or all of the following to occur:

  • Damage to buildings – we have seen walls and ceilings pulled down, roof tiles ripped off
  • Damage to land – such as tunnelling, blockades, encampments
  • Leave behind an enormous amount of detritus
  • Call in extra support from other groups, as has happened on many high-profile occupations
  • Generate negative publicity for your organisation and project

Fly Trader Removal

Fly traders occupy empty shops and car parks with the intention to set up shop and illegally sell goods.

We have found that fly traders are most active in the lead up to seasonal events such as Christmas, Halloween and Bonfire Night as they can sell high volumes of stock quickly.

Fly traders predominantly affect high streets, large cities and towns, with the intention of feeding of the customers and reputation of nearby businesses.

Not only are the landlord of the occupied property or land affected by fly traders but surrounding businesses. Fly traders pay no business rates, rent, insurance or overheads meaning they can sell at low prices and undercut local businesses.

Upon receiving instructions, our team can promptly and peacefully enter the premises, change the locks and restore complete control of the property to the landlord.

Equine Removal

Fly grazing varies from an individual horse tethered on land to large herds which run/roam free.

The animals are often placed on the land without permission from the landowner or break in from neighbouring land.

This has possible implications for the landowner being held responsible should there be welfare issues or other incidents involving the animals.

The Control of Horses Act came into effect in 2015. This act has been welcomed by landowners, businesses and local authorities making it easier and quicker to deal with fly-grazing.

Upon instruction Enforcement Group will:

  • Serve the required 96 hour notices.
  • Conduct a full Health & Safety risk assessment – check the horses have adequate food and water.
  • Detain the horses on site or, if instructed, remove to a safe location.
  • Inform relevant authorities.
  • Photograph horses and notices in place.

Our bailiffs will then deal with any telephone calls that come as a result of the notices.

If the horses have not been removed after the statutory time limit, the ownership of the horses reverts to the landowner.

The landlord may then instruct us further, and we will arrange for the horses to be removed from site to either a new owner, livery storage, given to a horse charity or in some cases, to be humanely destroyed.

What to do next?

If you need to remove trespassers from your property or land, you can apply to the County Court for an order for possession which is then transferred to the High Court for enforcement by High Court Enforcement Officers under a writ of possession.

Alternatively, if it is only land that is occupied, you also have the option to instruct our High Court Enforcement Officers to remove them under common law without the need to obtain a Court order.

Instruct us now using our online warrant or call us if you would like more information.

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