Other Writs of Execution

Other High Court Writs of Execution

High Court Enforcement Officer’s (HCEO’s) are responsible for the enforcement of writs of execution issued by the High Court to enable you to recover your money or property.

With some more common than others, HCEO’s can execute the following types of writ:

Writ of Delivery

This writ is used when requiring the return of specific goods or payment of a sum equal to the value of those goods from the debtor. A writ of delivery is most commonly used by finance companies to recover vehicles and machinery when the purchaser has failed to make payment in full or is in arrears.

Writ of Assistance

This writ is used to assist in the enforcement of another writ.

Writ of Control

Writs of control are enforced by High Court Enforcement Officers for the recovery of money judgments. The writ authorises the HCEO to take control of goods belonging to the judgment debtor so that the judgment debt is settled either by payment or sale of the controlled goods.

Writ of Possession

A writ of possession is issued in the recovery of property or land after an order for possession has been obtained. Often used to evict tenants, squatters and trespassers from residential and commercial property.

Combined Writ of Possession and Control

A combined writ is for both possession of land and recovery of money. This writ is frequently enforced by High Court Enforcement Officers to recover costs awarded for rent arrears at the same time as repossessing the land.

Writ of Restitution

Used following the reoccupation of property or land following the successful execution of a writ of possession. This writ allows the HCEO to again enforce and remove the trespassers accordingly.

Writ of Sequestration

If payments are not met within an allocated time frame, claimants may be entitled to obtain a writ of sequestration. The original agreement or order must state that failure to pay by a specific time may result in writs of sequestration.

This page is more for reference than a service page. However, it details the different writs of execution that can be used for or to assist with enforcement.